It’s a Girl! 💕

Baby Alexa made her grand entrance on April 30th at exactly 2:00 pm weighing 4 lbs 6.2 ounces and 18 1/4 inches tall.  At 32 weeks I was diagnosed with preeclampsia.  I had been sent to the hospital twice before with blood pressures that were so high they contemplated inducing me. I was 36 weeks pregnant when my doctor decided it was time.  I was sad because I really wanted a May baby! My doctor told me diamonds are better than emeralds referring to birthstones. And I think she’s right! 

Alexa is a perfect little peanut. She cried immediately and the doctor and nurses commented on her head of hair! She immediately went to the NICU because she was too small to stay with me. Her and I spent 5 days in the hospita and she stayed in the NICU the whole time. I think her being there helped me recover faster. I was determined to be with her as much as possible which was difficult for the first 24 hours. Being on magnesium sulfate after delivery meant I had to have a nurse with me when I entered the NICU. So I only got to see her twice in her first 24 hours of life. It was awful. But my husband became my lifeline to her. I would pump drops of colostrum and he would bring it down in a syringe and feed it to her. He made sure he sent me pictures of her while he was down there and I’d cry because I wasn’t. Once I was off the magnesium I was by her side feeding her the pumped milk and trying to breast feed her. Since she was so tiny she had latching problems. Four weeks later and we are making huge progress breast feeding. I no longer have to pump every 3 hours because she is latching with the help of a nipple shield. She has gained over a pound and is turning into a chunky little girl. She is the perfect addition to our family and I’m so happy she’s here. And Tyler loves her too! We can’t wait to watch her grow and to see how these two crazy kids are growing up together!




In my 33 years of life I’ve been to several funerals. Young or old losing someone is never easy. We lost my Grandfather this past Wednesday. He was 92 years old. He was the center of our family and we will all miss him so much. He was born in Potenza, Italy and came through Ellis Island when he was eight years old. He didn’t talk much about his past but the few things I knew was that he served in World War II and was on Omaha Beach on D-Day. He never really spoke about it although I know it’s a big part of who he was. He was a hero that day and a hero to our family. He always made sure we were ok. He always put us first. He cared for my Grandmother until the day she died and wore his wedding band until the day he died. I can only hope to be in love for as long as they were. Don’t get me wrong, they were both stubborn Italians and had tempers but we could always see the love they had for each other. I’m extremely fortunate that I’ve had him in my life, and that my son had a chance to meet him. I’ll always remember his smile.





Happy Birthday!

It’s my 1 year blog birthday! Wow. Time flies. I never knew if I’d stick with it. I think I’ve done a decent job at keeping up with it although I know I can do better! Here’s a little recap of what’s gone on in the past few months since my last blog….
Summer is in full swing so we’re trying to spend as much time outside with the little monkey. He LOVES the beach, the park, watching baseball games, driving his power wheels and playing in his sandbox. I enjoy blowing bubbles the whole time. It’s therapeutic. We will definitely have to find a carnival to go to because this kid is a little daredevil and I’m sure he will love carnival rides.
Next weekend I will participate in my second 5k. I mostly walk it, maybe a quick jog here and there and it’s totally for fun. It’s one of the Craft Brew races so there is a little beer party at the end. Clearly I’m going for the beer. My goal is to do just a little better than the last race since I’ve lost some weight since. I am down 28.2 lbs thanks to Weight Watchers and will power! Summertime is tough because of all the yummy food but my health is much more important!
In two weeks my baby cousin is getting married! I can remember when she was born! My little man will be in the wedding as well as me and I just can’t wait to see how cute he will be! I will definitely cry! I can’t wait to celebrate their special day with family, friends, good food and open bar!
I will definitely blog about my race and add some pictures of my little man. Til next time!!


“Goodnight truck book Mama”

Tyler was a little cray today. Typical Tuesday because he got to sleep in this morning, and didn’t really nap this afternoon. Getting him ready for bed was a struggle. Pajamas, brushing teeth, putting on his creams, it all took forever and he thought it would be more fun to throw things than to cooperate. I told him no book tonight because he wasn’t listening to me (typical 2 year old behavior!). Just as we finished up he said to me “goodnight truck book mama”. How could I say no? The book is called “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site” and we read it every night. I found myself reading pretty fast because I really wanted to finish the book and for him to get to bed. As I was reading I thought to myself that these nights are numbered. In a few years he won’t want me to read to him. So I slowed down, read every word (yes I’m guilty of skipping words!), and we even read another book. I won’t take this time for granted because one day I’ll miss it. I’ll miss the snuggle time, bedtime books, and bedtime kisses. I love being his Mama.


Mother’s Day

Three years ago Pat and I decided we didn’t want to cook dinner and went out to eat. It just so happened to be Mother’s Day. As we sat down I and looked over the menu I saw the waiters bringing over roses for all of the mothers. I started feeling very uncomfortable. I said to Pat “they better not bring me a rose”. He asked why. I said it was because I’m not a mother, and what if we never had children? I would remember this forever, the day I got a rose on Mother’s Day and wasn’t a mother. Funny thing is that I was. Little did I know that I was maybe one week pregnant. Now I will always remember my first Mother’s Day flower.
Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mom’s out there. I’ve never know true love til I became a mother.


Milford Strong

I find it hard to wrap my head around what happened yesterday at a high school less than a mile from house. The high school my son will attend, where my neighbors attend, and where my friends attended. It’s just senseless. I received a phone call today looking for someone I had never heard of, said he was a 16 year old boy from Milford. I was confused. I googled his name (I google everything) and found out he is a student at the high school and commented in the media about the stabbing. So I’m assuming someone was looking to get the story. There have been news trucks parked in front of the school since news broke early yesterday morning. As soon as names were released the media coverage went crazy. I’m also noticing is how the community is sticking together to support each other. I keep reading about local businesses reaching out to the family and the students to offer their support. A local pizza truck was donating a potion of their sales the victims family. A hair salon is offering free up do’s to the students when the prom is rescheduled. A local flooring store is offering the school a purple carpet since that was Maren’s favorite color. Little things like that makes you realize there is more good out there than evil.

Killin it….

Life is good. Sure I’m broke, overweight, stressed, and tired. But overall life is really good. My bathroom is 90% done (just waiting on a few final touches…ahem…husband), my diet is working (hallelujah!) and my little boy is so smart I can’t even take it. So yeah, I can complain about so many things but overall life is really good.

Down 15 pounds thanks to Weight Watchers, dedication, a network of friends to encourage me, and a gym buddy.
Right now I’m listening to Pat reading Tyler a goodnight book. I am so blessed to be his wife (even though we fight like cats & dogs!) and I’m even more blessed to be Tyler’s mom.
Ok this blog was all over the place. I’ll get my thoughts together for the next one!



Confessions from a mother

I have a confession. I used Tylenol when I was pregnant. I also got an epidural when I was in labor. I didn’t have a vaginal birth, I had the dreaded c section. I had my son circumcised. And I vaccinate him too. I also don’t buy all organic because I can’t afford it. He drinks cows milk. I also let him eat sugar, oh and I use Splenda. And I don’t post this all over Facebook, because no one cares. Personally I believe you should vaccinate your children but if you decide not to, that’s the risk you’re taking for your children. I really don’t need to see this all over Facebook. I trust my doctors because they took an oath stating they would practice medicine honestly. Also, I don’t need to see articles written by unreliable sources stating my vaccinated child is not as smart or as healthy as your unvaccinated child. That’s just dumb. And so is this blog! I had to put it out there. Thanks for reading and now you know my deep, dark secrets.

Tyler got a haircut today. How cute! Am I a bad mother for that too?! 🙂