Since I’ve become a mom…

I have been a mother for 21 months. Doesn’t seem like a long time, as a matter of fact I still feel like it was yesterday that I was cradling my newborn. Now he’s a big boy, but will always be my little baby. So here’s my list of things I’ve encountered or gone through in the last 20 months. Some of these are even shocking for me!

Poop. Lots of it. Everyone laughs about poop except when it’s half way up your arm, half way down their back, and only 2 wipes left in the container. I’ve never talked about poop so much in my life.

Boogers. Picking your nose is so gross but Picking your kids nose is necessary and it doesn’t matter where you are. Tissues are optional except when they’re sick. Nothing says motherhood more thank sucking the snot out of your screaming child’s raw, red nose.

I have never lost so much stuff in my life. Every day we lose a hat, a sock, a shoe, and sunglasses. I have old ladies trailing me in the grocery store to give me shoes we lost 4 aisles ago. Is it wrong to want to use double sided tape on him? I’m kidding..maybe just Velcro.

Feeding time is similar to feeding time at the zoo. Actually that may be less messy. By the end of every meal I have a handful of chewed food. It never fails. It’s like hey, I’m getting full so I should chew this bite for mommy and spit it in her hand. No child, I don’t want it! Oh and Ralphie from A Christmas Story had it right. I haven’t had a hot meal in 21 months and counting! As soon as I sit, he throws a fork, cup, chicken nugget, bib, another fork… Cold food it is!

Yes I’m complaining but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We are approaching the “terrible 2’s” but I have loved every second of this journey. I guess I never really knew how it would change my life becoming a mother. I love my son in a way I never knew I could. Every smile, laugh, booger, and mess mean I’m doing something right.




I did it!

I stepped on the scale. I always heard you’re supposed to breathe out first, then step on it. So I did it. One foot at a time I stepped on the scale. I closed my eyes, waited a second, then opened them one at a time. Wait, what’s that number?? I wiped the dust off my scale to see the numbers a little more clearly. Yup. The scale doesn’t lie. How did I get here? I always told myself that I’m not going to be the woman who carries the baby weight, I’m going to lose it right away.  I breast-fed and I was told it helps the weight melt off. Apparently I’m the only one who can prove that wrong! 19 months later and it’s still there. My husband (his name is Pat) has been amazing. He loves me thin, thick, extra pregnant, with or without baby weight and I’m so thankful for that. He’s an amazing man for dealing with the awful things I say about my appearance. He calls me beautiful and loves my body. If I could only love my body..

I think my expectations for dropping baby weight was unrealistic. I work full-time, then come home to care for my son and my household. Yes, I say that knowing that a lot of days I will come home from work, turn the TV on and sit there til its time for bed. Bad habits can be hard to break! My first steps is eating better and exercising. I’m stopping the excuses for not working out. Standing on the scale was a huge bitch slap in the face from the skinny woman inside me (she’s also the woman who tells me to eat another cookie). So I’ve started my long journey to feeling comfortable in my own skin, and becoming more healthy.  I’m hoping to drop the weight by Spring 2014. I have a lot of exciting things coming up in my life and I want to feel great about it and not always worry about covering myself up. So here’s to losing weight, becoming healthy, and to stop speaking negatively about myself!