Whats in a name?

I’m really good at naming things. People, cars, pets, pretty much anything. I named my husbands car “Abe” because he drives a Lincoln Navigator. I enjoy coming up with quirky nicknames for people I work with so I can talk about them without anyone but a few select people know who we’re talking about. Most of them are just funny names, some are mean. Yes I’ll admit it!! I can be mean, a lot. So maybe the nickname I learned I have is karma…
A former “colleague” (I hate using that word) sent a friend and I an email the other day. She sent it to my work email as well as my personal email although I didn’t notice she had sent it to my personal email until I got home. I noticed an interesting name in the “To” field; “J Normas Tatas”. I though to myself I wonder who else she sent this to? I was MORTIFIED when I saw my email address come up when I clicked on it. Not to mention that it was my work email address. J Normas Tatas. Wow. All I could think about was are they really that big? Is that how she views me? Is this a sick joke? Now I’m the first person to talk about my boobs. I’ve always talked about them, they’re great. Fun for the whole family. I nursed my son for just shy of 18 months so yes, they were a topic of discussion A LOT in that time frame, but never with her. I guess it bothered me so much because there are so many other words that can describe me. Anyway, I got over it. Maybe that will be my pen name? Who knows.

In all seriousness, get your boobs squished. October is Breast cancer awareness month. Save the J Normas Tatas!