Paul Walker

Yesterday was a typical Saturday night. Pat was working, and I put Tyler down around 8 as usual. Flipped through the channels and found Fast & the Furious on Bravo. Shortly after it started Pat joined me and we had an in depth conversation about the next movie to come out. Then I got the text that Paul Walker died in a car crash. Wow. Shocked is an understatement. Paul Walker was on my “list”. I think he was actually the only one on it. If you’re not sure what I mean by my “list” click here. I’ve sat through every movie he’s been in (good and bad!) and followed him on social networks. Followed, not stalked I swear! I feel terrible for his family and friends, and I hope they find peace in knowing he passed doing what he loved. Any who, I guess this just reminds you that life is way too short. Never go to bed mad, count each day as a blessing because tomorrow is not guaranteed! Holding Pat and Tyler a little closer today.



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