Oh baby!

Oh, I guess I neglected to mention that I’m pregnant!!! 31 weeks pregnant with a baby girl! It’s crazy to believe that our little man (who just turned 3!) is going to be a big brother. He’s probably more excited than we are. As much as I LOVE being pregnant, this has been an insanely emotional 31 weeks. I promised myself when I read “PREGNANT” on the digital test that I would not worry this pregnancy. I think the next day I noticed some blood. My doctor order blood work to check my hormone levels. A few days later the nurse said my levels were really good, actually really high so it would be possible that I was further along. I believe I was 5 weeks at that point. The ultrasound looked the way it should for 5 weeks. My doctor told me there was a possibility that we were having twins, or a molar pregnancy. So obviously I googled that, and it wasn’t good. Luckily I’m just a hormonal person and everything is fine. Had a minor spina bifida scare around 20 weeks but an ultrasound confirmed that this little girl looks great. And that means I get to see her every 4 weeks til I deliver. She is definitely keeping us on our feet but I finally feel like I can breathe. Just for a minute though, she will be here in 9 weeks and we aren’t ready!!! 

We finally did Tyler’s 3 year pictures. Only 2 months late! They came out great. If you’re in CT and need a photographer check out MPHStudios. She’s great! 

Baby updates to come. Hoping to have a less eventful rest of this pregnancy!




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