I was running….

Ok maybe I didn’t run per se (I did jog a few times) but I did my first 5k! Let’s just say I was totally unprepared. I’ve been hitting the gym a few times a week but clearly preparation is needed if you want to be successful. I did it more for the cause, and for the exercise. A playground was built in memory of James Mattioli, one of the 26 angels from Sandy Hook. When I heard that there was going to be a 5k I knew I had to participate. I later found out that it was his birthday, and what an awesome way to honor him by dedicating a playground in his memory. I can’t wait to bring Tyler to play on it, and help keep his memory alive. I’m sore today, but happy I didn’t come in last.

1 month into Weight Watchers and I’ve lost 7 1/2 pounds. It’s slowly but surely coming off!





I am so, so, sorry…

Dear Blog,

I am so, so, sorry for neglecting you. How did this happen? Has life gotten in the way once again? I promise you it’ll never happen again. Unfortunately that promise will most likely be broken, but I will definitely do my best to blog more often.

It seems like Birthdays, snow storms and work has made me a hermit but now that Spring is on its way in I’m feeling a little more human. Seriously Spring officially begins in two days and I can’t be happier. I just want warmth on my skin and flip flops on my feet! I’m hoping we get a “real” Spring and not the typical New England Spring where it snows more than it should. We shall see!

I started a new chapter of my life…Weight Watchers. I did this years ago, but I really hated going to meetings. I’m doing it only online and through the iPhone app. I’m on week 3 and the weight is slowly coming off. I look forward to cooking and eating healthy but I’m also able to eat out like a normal person. I’m excited to see the changes, and this is a long time coming. My son is 2, and I’ve made every excuse to justify the fact that I haven’t lost the baby weight. Now’s the time! And if Jessica Simpson can do it, so can I!

29 Days, 19 hours, 39 minutes

My official countdown until spring. I am so over winter, snow, the oil bill, parkas, hats, static, and sweaters. Please please please bring on cool, crisp air and sun on my face!

This is the view from my office window earlier today. We are averaging one snow storm per week since the beginning of the year. I need this to end!


Happy Birthday to me!!!

Today is my 25th Birthday! Ok, maybe I should rephrase that. Today is the eighth anniversary of my 25th birthday. I have no problem with my age, I just don’t feel my age. I still feel 25, so I’ll keep celebrating it! Having a winter birthday is pretty touchy because you never know what the weather will be like. Last year we got 36 inches of snow. Luckily this year it’s sunny and cold! I’m excited to see what this year brings. Cheers to 25!


I love being a mommy!

Today I confiscated a plastic hammer (he was smashing it on the walls), cleaned up the chalk scribbles on the toy box, fed him 3 semi balanced meals (hey, that’s what Flintstones vitamins are for, right?), changed him (despite his failed attempt at putting his hands in his dirty diaper), cleaned him up (he earned a lollipop for letting me cut his nails), and I’ll be putting him to bed soon. And while I feel like I haven’t had a minute to myself I’m happy to do it all again tomorrow. I really love being a mom.


Pets are family too!

We celebrated Tyler’s second birthday yesterday and while he had a blast we faced a family tragedy. Our beloved cat BB passed away during the party. She had been losing weight and had an upper respiratory infection a few months back. We found her in the morning lifeless. We had to make the difficult decision to put her down or wait it out. We decided to wait to see what happened. Mid way through Tyler’s party she passed away. My last moments with her I told her that I loved her and that she would go to heaven with Bobo, our cat we had before her. I just remember her tail still wagging like she was at peace. It’s hard to grieve while celebrating. Sure she was a huge pain in the ass most times but the love Tyler had for her was just so sweet. We still have another cat named Misty and maybe he will grow to love her like he loved BB.


Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow my itty bitty baby boy turns two. I will never forget the day he was born even though I was on A LOT of drugs due to preeclampsia. I was induced at 37 weeks and due to complications of the induction I was rushed into the operating room for an emergency c-section. I never prayed so hard in my life. At 7:43 pm they began and at 7:44 he was born! My first vision was him peeing on the pediatrician. He was a tiny little guy, 6 pounds 9.3 ounces and 19 inches long. Funny how I can’t remember my license plate number but those numbers I will always remember. This past year has been a ton more firsts. He walked at 16 months, talks up a storm, and has turned into the sweetest little boy. We have so much fun together even if we’re just sitting around playing with his toys. I won’t lie, I don’t want him to grow up. I know eventually my name will change from “mama” to “mommy” and then to “mom”. I know there will come a time when he tells me “you don’t understand mom” or “you’re so unfair”. But for now, he’s still my little boy, and no matter how many candles on his cake he’ll always be my baby.


Happy Everything!

The holidays came and went. All of the shopping, cooking, baking, worrying is over with. Tyler had a great Christmas. Santa was very good to him! As the new year approaches I’m thinking back on the past year and looking forward to all of the good things 2014 will bring.
Wishing everyone happy holidays and a great 2014!

365 days later

I was a senior in high school in 1999 when the Columbine shooting happened. Shortly after there were threats at our high school and even though I was a carefree “it won’t happen to me” mentality teenager it was still scary. Fast forward to December 14, 2012. I was a mother of an 11 month old, getting ready for his first Christmas and his first Birthday. I saw on Facebook about a shooting at a school in Newtown. Sent it on to my friend who sits in front of me at work. Newtown is not too far from us. As the details rolled in I felt sicker, and sicker, and sicker. An elementary school, first graders, innocent victims. I was brought back to being a first grader and couldn’t even imagine the fear those children and teachers faced. I remember listening to the radio on my way to pick up my son and just crying, not being able to wrap my head around what had happened. Days after it was hard to watch the news because hearing the stories about the heroic teachers and seeing the faces of those innocent babies was too hard for me. I just can’t imagine how toes parents and families felt. I didn’t even want to try to imagine. It was too hard.

1 year later and it’s equally difficult to understand why someone would want to hurt them. Schools now practice drills in case something like this happens again. Things have changed so much in one year. I still have not driven by the school. I never felt I could be strong enough to do it. All I can do is help their memories alive by random acts of kindness. Next time you’re getting a cup of coffee pay for the person behind you in memory of those 26 angels.


Who am I?

I’ve noticed (and participated in) posts on Facebook with a certain number of facts about the person. I accidentally liked someone’s status and got the number 6. But 6 isn’t a big enough number so here I will include 20 facts about me.
1. I can understand and speak Spanish pretty well. I speak it fluently when I’m drunk.
2. Sarcasm is my second language.
3. Some see me as outgoing but I’m really shy. I think it’s a coping mechanism or something.
4. I almost dropped out of high school.
5. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
6. I’ve only grown an inch and a half since I was 13. I’m 5’3.
7. I’ve struggled with weight issues my whole life. If I could only go back to my teenage years and tell myself that I’m not fat…
8. I’ve never been on a Ferris wheel or roller coaster.
9. My all time favorite tv show is Friends. I think I’m the female version of Chandler minus the third nipple.
10. I’ve only seen 3 Brad Pitt movies because I hate him. Team Aniston!
11. I was engaged for almost 7 years before we got married.
12. I knew as soon as I peed on the stick that I was pregnant and having a boy.
13. I’m half Italian and half mutt. No one has really given me a straight answer about what the other half of me is.
14. I’ve had the same cell phone number since I got my first cell phone in 1998.
15. I like to name my cars. My first car was named Leondaro. My current car is named Betty White.
16. I can’t watch scary movies at night. When I’m forced to I drink coffee so I will stay awake and not fall asleep and have bad dreams.
17. I think I’m a little psychic. I have vivid dreams that turn into reality.
18. I’ve wanted a Basset Hound since I watched the tv show Our House. That’s why we got Brutus (our 6 year old Basset Hound).
19. I’m the youngest of 3. My brother and sister are twins and 19 months older than me. Needless to say my parents are divorced.
20. I want to be famous. Haha who doesn’t?