Milford Strong

I find it hard to wrap my head around what happened yesterday at a high school less than a mile from house. The high school my son will attend, where my neighbors attend, and where my friends attended. It’s just senseless. I received a phone call today looking for someone I had never heard of, said he was a 16 year old boy from Milford. I was confused. I googled his name (I google everything) and found out he is a student at the high school and commented in the media about the stabbing. So I’m assuming someone was looking to get the story. There have been news trucks parked in front of the school since news broke early yesterday morning. As soon as names were released the media coverage went crazy. I’m also noticing is how the community is sticking together to support each other. I keep reading about local businesses reaching out to the family and the students to offer their support. A local pizza truck was donating a potion of their sales the victims family. A hair salon is offering free up do’s to the students when the prom is rescheduled. A local flooring store is offering the school a purple carpet since that was Maren’s favorite color. Little things like that makes you realize there is more good out there than evil.