“Goodnight truck book Mama”

Tyler was a little cray today. Typical Tuesday because he got to sleep in this morning, and didn’t really nap this afternoon. Getting him ready for bed was a struggle. Pajamas, brushing teeth, putting on his creams, it all took forever and he thought it would be more fun to throw things than to cooperate. I told him no book tonight because he wasn’t listening to me (typical 2 year old behavior!). Just as we finished up he said to me “goodnight truck book mama”. How could I say no? The book is called “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site” and we read it every night. I found myself reading pretty fast because I really wanted to finish the book and for him to get to bed. As I was reading I thought to myself that these nights are numbered. In a few years he won’t want me to read to him. So I slowed down, read every word (yes I’m guilty of skipping words!), and we even read another book. I won’t take this time for granted because one day I’ll miss it. I’ll miss the snuggle time, bedtime books, and bedtime kisses. I love being his Mama.



Killin it….

Life is good. Sure I’m broke, overweight, stressed, and tired. But overall life is really good. My bathroom is 90% done (just waiting on a few final touches…ahem…husband), my diet is working (hallelujah!) and my little boy is so smart I can’t even take it. So yeah, I can complain about so many things but overall life is really good.

Down 15 pounds thanks to Weight Watchers, dedication, a network of friends to encourage me, and a gym buddy.
Right now I’m listening to Pat reading Tyler a goodnight book. I am so blessed to be his wife (even though we fight like cats & dogs!) and I’m even more blessed to be Tyler’s mom.
Ok this blog was all over the place. I’ll get my thoughts together for the next one!



Confessions from a mother

I have a confession. I used Tylenol when I was pregnant. I also got an epidural when I was in labor. I didn’t have a vaginal birth, I had the dreaded c section. I had my son circumcised. And I vaccinate him too. I also don’t buy all organic because I can’t afford it. He drinks cows milk. I also let him eat sugar, oh and I use Splenda. And I don’t post this all over Facebook, because no one cares. Personally I believe you should vaccinate your children but if you decide not to, that’s the risk you’re taking for your children. I really don’t need to see this all over Facebook. I trust my doctors because they took an oath stating they would practice medicine honestly. Also, I don’t need to see articles written by unreliable sources stating my vaccinated child is not as smart or as healthy as your unvaccinated child. That’s just dumb. And so is this blog! I had to put it out there. Thanks for reading and now you know my deep, dark secrets.

Tyler got a haircut today. How cute! Am I a bad mother for that too?! 🙂


I am so, so, sorry…

Dear Blog,

I am so, so, sorry for neglecting you. How did this happen? Has life gotten in the way once again? I promise you it’ll never happen again. Unfortunately that promise will most likely be broken, but I will definitely do my best to blog more often.

It seems like Birthdays, snow storms and work has made me a hermit but now that Spring is on its way in I’m feeling a little more human. Seriously Spring officially begins in two days and I can’t be happier. I just want warmth on my skin and flip flops on my feet! I’m hoping we get a “real” Spring and not the typical New England Spring where it snows more than it should. We shall see!

I started a new chapter of my life…Weight Watchers. I did this years ago, but I really hated going to meetings. I’m doing it only online and through the iPhone app. I’m on week 3 and the weight is slowly coming off. I look forward to cooking and eating healthy but I’m also able to eat out like a normal person. I’m excited to see the changes, and this is a long time coming. My son is 2, and I’ve made every excuse to justify the fact that I haven’t lost the baby weight. Now’s the time! And if Jessica Simpson can do it, so can I!

Since I’ve become a mom…

I have been a mother for 21 months. Doesn’t seem like a long time, as a matter of fact I still feel like it was yesterday that I was cradling my newborn. Now he’s a big boy, but will always be my little baby. So here’s my list of things I’ve encountered or gone through in the last 20 months. Some of these are even shocking for me!

Poop. Lots of it. Everyone laughs about poop except when it’s half way up your arm, half way down their back, and only 2 wipes left in the container. I’ve never talked about poop so much in my life.

Boogers. Picking your nose is so gross but Picking your kids nose is necessary and it doesn’t matter where you are. Tissues are optional except when they’re sick. Nothing says motherhood more thank sucking the snot out of your screaming child’s raw, red nose.

I have never lost so much stuff in my life. Every day we lose a hat, a sock, a shoe, and sunglasses. I have old ladies trailing me in the grocery store to give me shoes we lost 4 aisles ago. Is it wrong to want to use double sided tape on him? I’m kidding..maybe just Velcro.

Feeding time is similar to feeding time at the zoo. Actually that may be less messy. By the end of every meal I have a handful of chewed food. It never fails. It’s like hey, I’m getting full so I should chew this bite for mommy and spit it in her hand. No child, I don’t want it! Oh and Ralphie from A Christmas Story had it right. I haven’t had a hot meal in 21 months and counting! As soon as I sit, he throws a fork, cup, chicken nugget, bib, another fork… Cold food it is!

Yes I’m complaining but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We are approaching the “terrible 2’s” but I have loved every second of this journey. I guess I never really knew how it would change my life becoming a mother. I love my son in a way I never knew I could. Every smile, laugh, booger, and mess mean I’m doing something right.