It’s a Girl! 💕

Baby Alexa made her grand entrance on April 30th at exactly 2:00 pm weighing 4 lbs 6.2 ounces and 18 1/4 inches tall.  At 32 weeks I was diagnosed with preeclampsia.  I had been sent to the hospital twice before with blood pressures that were so high they contemplated inducing me. I was 36 weeks pregnant when my doctor decided it was time.  I was sad because I really wanted a May baby! My doctor told me diamonds are better than emeralds referring to birthstones. And I think she’s right! 

Alexa is a perfect little peanut. She cried immediately and the doctor and nurses commented on her head of hair! She immediately went to the NICU because she was too small to stay with me. Her and I spent 5 days in the hospita and she stayed in the NICU the whole time. I think her being there helped me recover faster. I was determined to be with her as much as possible which was difficult for the first 24 hours. Being on magnesium sulfate after delivery meant I had to have a nurse with me when I entered the NICU. So I only got to see her twice in her first 24 hours of life. It was awful. But my husband became my lifeline to her. I would pump drops of colostrum and he would bring it down in a syringe and feed it to her. He made sure he sent me pictures of her while he was down there and I’d cry because I wasn’t. Once I was off the magnesium I was by her side feeding her the pumped milk and trying to breast feed her. Since she was so tiny she had latching problems. Four weeks later and we are making huge progress breast feeding. I no longer have to pump every 3 hours because she is latching with the help of a nipple shield. She has gained over a pound and is turning into a chunky little girl. She is the perfect addition to our family and I’m so happy she’s here. And Tyler loves her too! We can’t wait to watch her grow and to see how these two crazy kids are growing up together!