Happy Birthday!

It’s my 1 year blog birthday! Wow. Time flies. I never knew if I’d stick with it. I think I’ve done a decent job at keeping up with it although I know I can do better! Here’s a little recap of what’s gone on in the past few months since my last blog….
Summer is in full swing so we’re trying to spend as much time outside with the little monkey. He LOVES the beach, the park, watching baseball games, driving his power wheels and playing in his sandbox. I enjoy blowing bubbles the whole time. It’s therapeutic. We will definitely have to find a carnival to go to because this kid is a little daredevil and I’m sure he will love carnival rides.
Next weekend I will participate in my second 5k. I mostly walk it, maybe a quick jog here and there and it’s totally for fun. It’s one of the Craft Brew races so there is a little beer party at the end. Clearly I’m going for the beer. My goal is to do just a little better than the last race since I’ve lost some weight since. I am down 28.2 lbs thanks to Weight Watchers and will power! Summertime is tough because of all the yummy food but my health is much more important!
In two weeks my baby cousin is getting married! I can remember when she was born! My little man will be in the wedding as well as me and I just can’t wait to see how cute he will be! I will definitely cry! I can’t wait to celebrate their special day with family, friends, good food and open bar!
I will definitely blog about my race and add some pictures of my little man. Til next time!!



Killin it….

Life is good. Sure I’m broke, overweight, stressed, and tired. But overall life is really good. My bathroom is 90% done (just waiting on a few final touches…ahem…husband), my diet is working (hallelujah!) and my little boy is so smart I can’t even take it. So yeah, I can complain about so many things but overall life is really good.

Down 15 pounds thanks to Weight Watchers, dedication, a network of friends to encourage me, and a gym buddy.
Right now I’m listening to Pat reading Tyler a goodnight book. I am so blessed to be his wife (even though we fight like cats & dogs!) and I’m even more blessed to be Tyler’s mom.
Ok this blog was all over the place. I’ll get my thoughts together for the next one!



I was running….

Ok maybe I didn’t run per se (I did jog a few times) but I did my first 5k! Let’s just say I was totally unprepared. I’ve been hitting the gym a few times a week but clearly preparation is needed if you want to be successful. I did it more for the cause, and for the exercise. A playground was built in memory of James Mattioli, one of the 26 angels from Sandy Hook. When I heard that there was going to be a 5k I knew I had to participate. I later found out that it was his birthday, and what an awesome way to honor him by dedicating a playground in his memory. I can’t wait to bring Tyler to play on it, and help keep his memory alive. I’m sore today, but happy I didn’t come in last.

1 month into Weight Watchers and I’ve lost 7 1/2 pounds. It’s slowly but surely coming off!




I did it!

I stepped on the scale. I always heard you’re supposed to breathe out first, then step on it. So I did it. One foot at a time I stepped on the scale. I closed my eyes, waited a second, then opened them one at a time. Wait, what’s that number?? I wiped the dust off my scale to see the numbers a little more clearly. Yup. The scale doesn’t lie. How did I get here? I always told myself that I’m not going to be the woman who carries the baby weight, I’m going to lose it right away.  I breast-fed and I was told it helps the weight melt off. Apparently I’m the only one who can prove that wrong! 19 months later and it’s still there. My husband (his name is Pat) has been amazing. He loves me thin, thick, extra pregnant, with or without baby weight and I’m so thankful for that. He’s an amazing man for dealing with the awful things I say about my appearance. He calls me beautiful and loves my body. If I could only love my body..

I think my expectations for dropping baby weight was unrealistic. I work full-time, then come home to care for my son and my household. Yes, I say that knowing that a lot of days I will come home from work, turn the TV on and sit there til its time for bed. Bad habits can be hard to break! My first steps is eating better and exercising. I’m stopping the excuses for not working out. Standing on the scale was a huge bitch slap in the face from the skinny woman inside me (she’s also the woman who tells me to eat another cookie). So I’ve started my long journey to feeling comfortable in my own skin, and becoming more healthy.  I’m hoping to drop the weight by Spring 2014. I have a lot of exciting things coming up in my life and I want to feel great about it and not always worry about covering myself up. So here’s to losing weight, becoming healthy, and to stop speaking negatively about myself!